My name is Yas!

I’m a 29 year old lawyer from Staffordshire in the UK.

I’ve recently taken up a new hobby, baking and gotten more into my old hobby of reading and books now I’ve gone self employed and have more time on my hands so I thought why not set up a blog! I have every other form of social networking, I just need this! 😀

I’ll be reviewing books, posting pics of my latest bakes and food (I want to personally see how I develop as a cook/baker as I’m considering a career change) and have a general occasional post about life or so.

Hope you enjoy!




2 thoughts on “Introduction!

  1. Welcome, welcome to the blogosphere!

    Would you possibly be up for reviewing an advance copy of my book sometime this summer? Let me know – I can email you the PDF, but there’s seriously no pressure. The review wouldn’t need to be completed until close to its publication date. Here’s the Amazon link description (it’s in pre-sales currently):

    It’s not 100% about bipolar – I write about growing up in Los Angeles, going to university in Santa Cruz, California & other topics as well. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 37, fairly late in life.

    Thanks for considering it. Now, if only I had a Toblerone cheesecake at my disposal!!! 😉
    Those pictures look heavenly.


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