Baking disaster #1

So the plan was for me to make a  3 tiered coconut chocolate cake for the boyfriend who adores coconut. It didn’t go to plan I’m not ashamed to say(we all make mistakes I guess! Lol)

I only had one 8 inch pan so I was doing one layer, letting it cool and then onto the next layer. I think I may have been a bit over eager in taking the layers out of the pans because they practically fell apart.

I persevered and put the layers on top of each other and filled it with a coconut filling (I followed a recipe on Pinterest, the filling was absolutely YUK and disgusting, it tasted just really rank) so I didn’t even begin on the icing, I just binned the whole darn thing.
As I’ve only been making cakes for a few weeks I expect mistakes or disasters from time to time. Let’s hope this doesn’t continue at the end of the week when I’m making my moms Mother’s Day cheesecake and my step moms birthday cake!

In the meanwhile, after that exhausting fruitless effort, its time to just chill. Spending time with my little one whilst the boyfriend is at work (he works nights).



2 thoughts on “Baking disaster #1

  1. Yas, I am glad you have Poly to cuddle with while Giles is working! We have a bakery near us that makes a delish coconut cream pie.


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