Swimming-training for triathalon.

So I went swimming this morning to prep for my triathalon. It’s shameful. I can manage 4/5 lengths at best and then that’s with stopping in between. I have trouble breathing after that which is clearly smoking related but my arms ache also which I find peculiar after just 4/5 lengths.

For the triathalon, I need to be able to do 16 lengths in the open water. I’m a strong swimmer when I get going but distance isn’t my thing. If anyone has any tips. Please let me know.

In a few months, I hope I’ll look back at this and laugh because I’ll be so much fitter that 16 lengths won’t be an issue. 

Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Swimming-training for triathalon.

  1. Hey! That’s such an awesome goal you have of doing the triathlon! Massive respect for that. I see you’re looking for tips? We have a facebook group full of people who can help out with that kind of thing. It’s super inclusive with beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts all chatting away, it would be awesome to have you there if you like! Here’s the link – https://www.facebook.com/groups/theactiveyou/


    1. Hey Mike, thanks, it’s going to be tough, I’m sure but I’ll feel pretty proud of myself when it’s done and I have my medal.

      I’ve just joined as you know. It will be good to talk to some like minded people 🙂


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