Daily post 3- LEEP surgery

I recently had a cervical cancer scare. I had a smear test and got informed in writing that I had abnormal cells so I needed to go to hospital. Cue, major panic. I went and was told I had CIN 2/3, basically pre cancerous cells which worried the heck out of me. I’ve been told I needed treatment, laser surgery to remove the abnormal cells. Well, that is tomorrow. Not looking forward to it but I guess when it’s done hopefully things will go back to normal.

Mom is coming along to offer moral support.

Wish me luck and hope it goes well for me!


One thought on “Daily post 3- LEEP surgery

  1. I meant to write good luck *before* you had this done – sorry I didn’t get to it until now! Off to read your latest….and it looks like you did well! :)))


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