Review-Bridget Jones’s Baby

I decided to pick up this series after having watched the films fairly recently (which I really enjoyed, unusual as I say, dont do chick lit or chick flicks). I’ve read all of them now and this was the final one in the series.

What can I say?  I don’t know where to begin apart from to say that I absolutely loved these books particularly this one although at times, I wanted it to hurry up -a bit and tell me who the Father was! (Secretly rooting for Mark Darcy). So, in all, Id say that the pace in this one was a bit slow but I enjoyed it still immensely.

Given that these books are written in diary form I was concerned that I wouldn’t get the character development and great plot you’d get from a novel written in the normal sort of way. That wasn’t the case however. All characters are wonderfully done by being fully developed and realised and virtually jumping off the pages for me (I’d even go so far as to say that Bridget is one of my favourite characters ever)and the plot was great. I love the fact there is so much going on at one time for Bridget, it adds depth to the plot.

I shall miss Bridget and her escapades. I will be reading more Helen Fielding though for sure.
Loved this book!

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