Currently reading and initial thoughts 

Currently reading two of my own books;

Ken Follets Fall of Giants


In relation to the Ken Follet book. I have to say generally speaking, I love this author, his Pillars of the Earth book and World Without End are two of my favourite books ever! I love his writing, is so detailed and descriptive and really brings the world he is writing about to life. This books has begun in the same way however the book is set in far more modern times and revolves around war slightly which for me is less interesting than the medieval period. However I am still enjoying it. I tried to read it a few years ago and gave up on it but this time I’m sucked in! Fingers crossed it all turns out good as at 1000pages it’s a lot of time invested.

With the Chemist. I’m more unsure. I quite like what I’ve read but I’m not 100% convinced the book is for me. It’s a totally different genre to her previous books and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Her writing is as usual very readable and I’m hoping I grow to like the book more.

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