Daily life post 

It’s been a manic few weeks really since I last posted a post like this.

Work in my business has really picked up. It’s been absolutely unbelievable. Prior to this, it was virtually dead so I applied for a caseworker job for the police.

I had a job interview for the Police force local to me. It was competency based. It was pretty horrific. It went atrociously! Never again I said it but I’ve seen a job for National Crime Agency which looks fantastic so I am going to apply for that. Fingers crossed!

My bi polar has been behaving itself. I’ve put my pills by the kettle so every time I make a coffee in the morning I pretty much take them there and then. So no bi polar relapses as such. I do wonder whether my doseage is 100% as I still get a bit snappy. I don’t know how I’d feel about them being upped though. I don’t want to be all zombified!

Apart from that, I joined a running course. To learn to run. Had no joy. Full of cliques and stuff. Keep getting pain on calfs so I need to go to a doctor really. Didn’t feel like I fit in though so I’ve pulled out. I’ll maybe join another one when I’ve resolved the problem.

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