Closed my Facebook a few days ago. Had enough of the drama it causes and the feelings it arouses. Because of my bipolar things trigger me sometimes and I feel I’m better off without it. Not missing it at all and am grateful for the extra time I have to write on here or post pictures on my instagram / pin on Pinterest.

Currently feeling very under the weather. Sore throat still and a nasty cough still. Luckily I have my best friend. You would have seen occasional pics of her before but I thought I’d post a few up to introduce her properly. This is Polly ❤️

My snuggle monster. She is such a cuddly dog it’s unbelievable!

Here we are snuggling:again! Lol

Her cute face 😘

Polly the Westie. She is 4 and a half years old and was the runt of the litter so for a Westie. She’s tiny. She’s my absolute best friend.

Since I’ve been ill she’s been snuggling up to under the blanket for like forever bless her.  ðŸ˜

Anyway time to shower and sleep I think. It’s nearly 11 am here but I am far to ill to be thinking about getting up so for now night night.

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