The life I left behind

Going through a MAJOR reading slump at the moment but which isn’t helped by rubbish books.

This was one such book. Absolutely terrible attempt at a psychological thriller in the vein of Girl on the Train and everything else in that genre ever since.

So it’s a story with multiple povs. Great. I like that mechanism but when it includes the POV of a dead woman it requires you to suspend belief a bit. A bit too much but not too offputting as a whole.

The storyline seemed okay. Pretty atypical of a psychological thriller and nothing special but again, not too offputtinf.

My problem with this book was the way is written. It was just so wordy. Unnecessarily so. It just bored me in the end and I wasn’t making much progress so I gave up.

This author was just not for me.

1 star. 

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