So, I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar for approximately two years or so now and just reflecting on it. It’s been a hard ass two years. It really has. I was gutted by but also relieved by my diagnosis.
I’d always been an extremely angry person, very destructive, abandonment issues to the core, you name it. For many years. Poor parents!
Originally I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder but a psychiatrist later found that I had been wrongly diagnosed and I had bipolar.
 I am required to take mood stabilisers on a daily basis as some of you know and given the severity of my disorder, I suppose I’ll be on them for life now. I do have periods where I get forgetful and I get erratic in taking them but on the whole, they work fantastically. I have very minor highs, no lows at all and I feel much more stable. I can maintain a job, maintain a relationship and maintain looking after myself as well. Some of which I couldn’t do when I wasn’t medicated. Even things such as getting dressed were incredibly hard to do but I got through.
Without gushing too much and making you bleugh, aside from family, Gillès Chevalier has been such a strength and has been my absolute rock. Anyone else would have seen the hard work I was / I am and have walked away. Not Gilles. He is an amazing person and I am so grateful to have my rock and of course my family, his family and my friends. Thank you, all. Wouldn’t be making it throughout life without you.
Reflection over 😝

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