Bazaar of Bad Dreams- Story #1- Mile 81

So I’ve got three books on the go at the moment and this is one of them. I’m a massive Stephen King fan but due to a reading slump haven’t read much by him for a while. I really have to be in the right mood for his rambling writing (which is good nonetheless but lets face it he does ramble!).
Anyway so I got in the mood and picked up the second in the Mr Mercedes trilogy and this one. Just read the first story Mile 81. Was a good start to his collection.

The theme of the story was good, it built up the tension and creepiness very well indeed. It tells the tale of a car monster and that’s all I’ll say as any more will ruin it.

The characters felt as real as they always do in King books (he is a master of character development) and I as I say,enjoyed this.
The only negative was I wished it were slightly longer ,  perhaps a novel rather than a short story? 

Great work Mr King. Great work. I rate this one 4 stars.

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