So it’s been a while since I’ve posted about either of my favourite subjects, books or bakes!

There is a reason for this. I’ve started Slimming World so I’ve had to put the unhealthy cakes on hold for the time being, probably in fact until I reach my target weight unless it’s a slimming world casks. It’s working as I’ve lost nearly nine pounds in three weeks so I don’t want to jeapordise my weight loss. I’m sure I’ll find some syn free or low syn recipes though so I’m sure I’ll be back to it soon.

I’m also going through a reading slump. Nothing seems to be pulling me out of it. I’m trying a new book tonight; hopefully that will work if not I’ll have to just ride it out until the reading funk is over with

I’m trying to read this

Right, time to try and read! Night night peeps! 


Daily life post 

It’s been a manic few weeks really since I last posted a post like this.

Work in my business has really picked up. It’s been absolutely unbelievable. Prior to this, it was virtually dead so I applied for a caseworker job for the police.

I had a job interview for the Police force local to me. It was competency based. It was pretty horrific. It went atrociously! Never again I said it but I’ve seen a job for National Crime Agency which looks fantastic so I am going to apply for that. Fingers crossed!

My bi polar has been behaving itself. I’ve put my pills by the kettle so every time I make a coffee in the morning I pretty much take them there and then. So no bi polar relapses as such. I do wonder whether my doseage is 100% as I still get a bit snappy. I don’t know how I’d feel about them being upped though. I don’t want to be all zombified!

Apart from that, I joined a running course. To learn to run. Had no joy. Full of cliques and stuff. Keep getting pain on calfs so I need to go to a doctor really. Didn’t feel like I fit in though so I’ve pulled out. I’ll maybe join another one when I’ve resolved the problem.

Regarding Anna Review

Another freebie. Not a great one though. 2 Stars only. 

So the mystery that the author creates is reasonable and peaked my interest a bit. The story is about Grace, a PI who has a mystery of her own to solve. However i really didn’t like the protagonist. She was ditzy, boring and didn’t seem to know what she was doing even as an amateur PI.

I also didn’t like the other main character Minnie, she was just so unnecessarily ‘shouty’ or abrasive I guess that it just became old real quick.

The writing was okay, I could have kept reading but in the end the dislike for both characters made it so I just didn’t want to.

Lie with Me- Review

Loved this book and now love this author. This was a 5 star read for me. I absolutely loved it.

I loved the writing style mostly, that is what kept me turning the pages. It was addictive! The plot was great and kept me liking the book even though I wasn’t a massive fan of the main character who I don’t think we were ever seriously meant to like.

It also makes you think. Think about the consequences of even a little lie. I would say this book is fairly though provoking as well as being just awesome!

A perfect psychological thriller and I will be reading the rest of this authors work.

Lie with me

So my replacement book turned out to be a good choice. I absolutely love this author’s writing style. It’s such a readable book and I’m really enjoying it, even the reading of the mundane simply because of how well written it is. Love it. Can’t see where it’s going at the moment, too early to tell but I’m excited about seeing where it goes.

Clockwork Prince review

Started 2nd of April, finish date (well, DNF date 18th April), this is so slow for me so shows what a steaming pile of crap this book really was for me!
I love TMI series. It’s probably the best series I’ve ever read and so wanting to get hold of everything my newfound favourite author had written, I picked up this one. I read the clockwork angel in its entirety and wasn’t particularly keen on it, slow, unlikeable characters. I rated it 2 stars. As I bought the trilogy though, I thought I’d persevere and see whether it got any better I.e Tessa became more likeable (she didn’t and I didn’t like her at all), Will became nicer (nope, still the same asshole he was in the previous.l book) or whether the plot became better (it didn’t),
I just can’t find the words to describe how much I HATE this series compared to TMI. Makes my blood boil I wasted time on cardboard cutouts and thin plots which have no substance.
I’m binning them. Binning them all.

Sharp Objects- Gillian Flynn

Soooooooo I really wanted to like this one. I really did especially since Stephen King seemed to rate it and he is of course my favourite author. To be totally honest though, I got to a 106 pages in and no, I didn’t like it.
My problem with it was it was so incredibly slow. Nothing really seemed to be happening and it was just boring and a real chore to pick up. I also didn’t particularly like the characters and the main character with her history, seriously, what a weirdo!
The writing was fine, no problem with that and it was fairly readable apart from the bore factor which I describe above.
Not for me I’m afraid. I need faster paced books. This just didn’t get me turning the pages at all and wasn’t fast paced enough for me.

1 star.

Elizabeth Kostova, Wax Wicks and Polly the dog

So the boyfriend is back to work tonight leaving me on my lonesome all again. It isn’t too bad, I’ve got used to it quite quickly and enjoy my me time. I spend it with my Westie Polly above and with my new obsession waxwicks and my old obsession of books.

I’m fortunate to be able to do all this whilst most people are working their asses off but as I’m self employed I get a lot of free time. Unfortunately it isn’t working because I have it in abundance (work is too quiet) so I’m looking for full time work again.

I have an interview on Wednesday for a caseworker role in the Police. Fingers crossed! It would mean a big pay rise too so I’d be happy 🙂

Right. Onto cosying myself up for the night.

Have a good evening! 

Currently reading and Initial thoughts

Kindle- The Exonerated Trilogy

This is good so far. It’s well written and the plot has my attention so far so so far, so good.

Sharp Objects

I’m not feeling this book. I don’t know why, I’m just not. I’m hoping I will feel something else as I continue reading but so far it’s not for me.

Clockwork Prince

Still not getting on with this one either. It’s well written but I don’t know whether it’s cos I don’t like the characters or what but I just find I’m not picking this book up.

The Shadow Land

Excited for this one. Hopefully it will be good!