Initial thoughts

Currently waiting for a job to come in (I’m a self employed defence lawyer) so what better use of my time than to use the library and read some more. (I wanted to sit outside with the nice new furniture but a bit nippy!) with my lavender oil burning in my burner. Very chilled out!

Current thoughts on reads:

Sleepy Hollow- Rise Headless- Richard Gleaves

This is an independent/self published book I downloaded for free on my kindle. I’m having good luck with freebies on the kindle recently, the last one was a favourite of a year and this is incredibly good also. Really enjoying it. It’s creepy but good.

Sharp Objects- Gillian Flynn

This has a very disturbing subject matter at its heart but it is very readable, I like her writing very much.

Clockwork Prince- Cassandra Clare

I love this author. I loved her Mortal Instruments series but I can’t seem to find the same love for this series. I rated the first one 2 stars and although this is fairly readable, it’s just heading for 3 stars at the moment. I keep putting it down and reading the other two books as above instead. Hopefully I’ll start to like it more soon.