Sharp Objects- Gillian Flynn

Soooooooo I really wanted to like this one. I really did especially since Stephen King seemed to rate it and he is of course my favourite author. To be totally honest though, I got to a 106 pages in and no, I didn’t like it.
My problem with it was it was so incredibly slow. Nothing really seemed to be happening and it was just boring and a real chore to pick up. I also didn’t particularly like the characters and the main character with her history, seriously, what a weirdo!
The writing was fine, no problem with that and it was fairly readable apart from the bore factor which I describe above.
Not for me I’m afraid. I need faster paced books. This just didn’t get me turning the pages at all and wasn’t fast paced enough for me.

1 star.

Lamb to the slaughter- Karen Ann Hopkins- Review

Well I really am on a roll as far as free kindle books are concerned. Third one in a row and it was also awesome! This books deserves four and a half stars.

So I love reading about anything Amish. I’ve read quite a bit of Christian fiction surrounding Amish families and I always really really like them. I find them and their way of life extremely unenviable but fascinating on the other hand.

So when I saw this, a crime book combined with an Amish theme I thought I have to pick this book up.

This surrounds a killing of an Amish girl and tells the story from her perspective, the sherrifs perspective and an ‘ex’ Amish persons perspective. I really liked the multiple pov s. It made the story flow really well and added a great deal of pace to the story.

The characters were well drawn out and I really liked Daniel, the ex Amish person. 

I felt the romance between him and the Sheriff was a little OTT and unrealistic but that was my only negative thought.

Loved this. And will read the rest in the series. 4 and a half stars