Strawberry Cake

As mentioned, it is my Step Mom’s birthday (her 40th,tomorrow), so I decided to make her a cake. It turned out as below.

The cake turned out absolutely perfect. Couldn’t have done it any better but the frosting didn’t turn out so good so I just had to make do but it did taste delicious! Next time I’ll add more icing sugar to thicken it up a bit and hopefully I’ll nail this cake perfectly!

Baking disaster #1

So the plan was for me to make a  3 tiered coconut chocolate cake for the boyfriend who adores coconut. It didn’t go to plan I’m not ashamed to say(we all make mistakes I guess! Lol)

I only had one 8 inch pan so I was doing one layer, letting it cool and then onto the next layer. I think I may have been a bit over eager in taking the layers out of the pans because they practically fell apart.

I persevered and put the layers on top of each other and filled it with a coconut filling (I followed a recipe on Pinterest, the filling was absolutely YUK and disgusting, it tasted just really rank) so I didn’t even begin on the icing, I just binned the whole darn thing.
As I’ve only been making cakes for a few weeks I expect mistakes or disasters from time to time. Let’s hope this doesn’t continue at the end of the week when I’m making my moms Mother’s Day cheesecake and my step moms birthday cake!

In the meanwhile, after that exhausting fruitless effort, its time to just chill. Spending time with my little one whilst the boyfriend is at work (he works nights).


Bakes and Cheesecakes up to now!

So I started baking and making ‘no bake’ cheesecakes about a month ago. My sister has always been into it and I’ve been interested but worrying about where to start.I’m kinda creative but not the world’s most, so was wondering whether I would be able to do this. But thanks to Pinterest and Mary Berry, I have gained some faith I can!


I firstly made a simple cake, a Victoria Sponge, with the assistance of my fab Mommy in law (she’s amazing, she’s such a typical Mom!) and this is how it turned out! It was delicious. Moist and tender. I rather than have cream in it (I don’t like cream by itself, yuk lol) put Jam and a vanilla kinda frosting in it. This tasted delicious and was a big hit with family, who couldn’t quite believe I’d made it (charming huh! :P)


So with my first cake and with assistance out of the way. I decided it was time to go it alone.

I was overly ambitious with the next cake, I wanted to make something super special….Here it is!



It’s a blueberry and lemon cake, with nice creamy frosting on the top. I made this one with just a recipe and NO guidance, so I was super impressed when it came out as it did. Hope you guys like it!! (It tasted divine!)

Then I made my final one to date over the last weekend, a cappucino cake, the recipe is Mary Berry but I improvised and did a different frosting as I didn’t like the one in the book, it was just cream! I made a coffee frosting to compliment the cocoa powder in the cake. As follows. I know I need to work on my presentation a bit but that will all come in time I guess. This was my favourite cake to date, it tasted incredible.




On top of your standard baked cake, I started making cheesecakes, I absolutely ADORE a nice cheesecake and the more decadent the better.

Toblerone cheesecake

Cream Egg cheesecake



Then I went for something a bit more simple, less effort required, a Cream Egg Rocky Road (can you see theme here? I LOVE chocolate particularly Cream Eggs!)

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So that’s my baking and non baking escapades to date!

My step Mom is turning 40 on the 28th, so I plan on making her a three tier Strawberry cake, and making my Mom a Terry’s Chocolate Orange cheesecake for Mother’s day, pictures to come.