So I woke up this morning feeling absolutely rotten. I have a sore throat, a nasty cough and I feel exhausted. So it’s time to spend time with my favourite things (Westies and books) 😀 On call tonight as well so hoping with a bit of rest I’ll feel better for that in case I get called out! I’m sure I’d nothing else cuddles with Polly will make me feel a little better!

Elizabeth Kostova, Wax Wicks and Polly the dog

So the boyfriend is back to work tonight leaving me on my lonesome all again. It isn’t too bad, I’ve got used to it quite quickly and enjoy my me time. I spend it with my Westie Polly above and with my new obsession waxwicks and my old obsession of books.

I’m fortunate to be able to do all this whilst most people are working their asses off but as I’m self employed I get a lot of free time. Unfortunately it isn’t working because I have it in abundance (work is too quiet) so I’m looking for full time work again.

I have an interview on Wednesday for a caseworker role in the Police. Fingers crossed! It would mean a big pay rise too so I’d be happy 🙂

Right. Onto cosying myself up for the night.

Have a good evening!