So it’s been a while since I’ve posted about either of my favourite subjects, books or bakes!

There is a reason for this. I’ve started Slimming World so I’ve had to put the unhealthy cakes on hold for the time being, probably in fact until I reach my target weight unless it’s a slimming world casks. It’s working as I’ve lost nearly nine pounds in three weeks so I don’t want to jeapordise my weight loss. I’m sure I’ll find some syn free or low syn recipes though so I’m sure I’ll be back to it soon.

I’m also going through a reading slump. Nothing seems to be pulling me out of it. I’m trying a new book tonight; hopefully that will work if not I’ll have to just ride it out until the reading funk is over with

I’m trying to read this

Right, time to try and read! Night night peeps! 

Daily life post 

It’s been a manic few weeks really since I last posted a post like this.

Work in my business has really picked up. It’s been absolutely unbelievable. Prior to this, it was virtually dead so I applied for a caseworker job for the police.

I had a job interview for the Police force local to me. It was competency based. It was pretty horrific. It went atrociously! Never again I said it but I’ve seen a job for National Crime Agency which looks fantastic so I am going to apply for that. Fingers crossed!

My bi polar has been behaving itself. I’ve put my pills by the kettle so every time I make a coffee in the morning I pretty much take them there and then. So no bi polar relapses as such. I do wonder whether my doseage is 100% as I still get a bit snappy. I don’t know how I’d feel about them being upped though. I don’t want to be all zombified!

Apart from that, I joined a running course. To learn to run. Had no joy. Full of cliques and stuff. Keep getting pain on calfs so I need to go to a doctor really. Didn’t feel like I fit in though so I’ve pulled out. I’ll maybe join another one when I’ve resolved the problem.