Stephen King and my favourite authorsĀ 

So growing up, there was only ONE author for me. Stephen King. I have most his books and really enjoy reading most (no longer all ) and I remember I used to think of his books as pretty flawless.

Now I’ve grown up a bit, I’m shocked to say he is no longer my favourite author which has surprised me somewhat. I put it down to the fact that although his books are entertaining and I do really enjoy them, he is in dire need of a proper editor with most of them. There is a rambling nature to his writing style which I think (as I’m clearly looking for punchier written books) I’ve grown out of…..will always read what he writes but will no longer by any means consider the books perfection, (the exception being The Dark Tower Series which is my favourite series ever)

I find my favourite author is actually Elizabeth Kostova and Kate Mosse. I’m currently reading EK’s latest , the Shadowland and I’m finding it enthralling. I love the slips between past and present and her Historian novel is my favourite novel like in ever. She reminds me a bit of Kate Mosse who I also enjoy for her time slip novels. Both are in complete contrast to what SK writes about.

I’m also a newfound lover of Urban Fantasy (my favourite UF author is Sarra Cannon) yet if you’d asked me five years ago would I be reading books about witches, demons, princesses, I would have just laughed!

Funny how our taste changes!!