Training -triathalon

Due to my operation I won’t be able to swim for six weeks so the Castle Howard Triathalon which I planned to in July is off because I cannot train. 

I’m now signing up to do the Brownlee’s Triathalon in Leeds in September instead which I should be ready for with no trouble hopefully.
Started as I mean to go on by going to the gym this morning. I did 25 minutes on the cross trainer which doesn’t sound like a lot but believe me, for MY level of fitness which is extremely poor, it was good 🙂

Back to it tomorrow morning.  I’ll be doing that all week to start injecting some fitness into my life before coming up with the next plan.

Also, I woke up this morning almost forgetting I had treatment yesterday. I feel great!  So that’s one less worry in my mind.

Swimming-training for triathalon.

So I went swimming this morning to prep for my triathalon. It’s shameful. I can manage 4/5 lengths at best and then that’s with stopping in between. I have trouble breathing after that which is clearly smoking related but my arms ache also which I find peculiar after just 4/5 lengths.

For the triathalon, I need to be able to do 16 lengths in the open water. I’m a strong swimmer when I get going but distance isn’t my thing. If anyone has any tips. Please let me know.

In a few months, I hope I’ll look back at this and laugh because I’ll be so much fitter that 16 lengths won’t be an issue. 

Fingers crossed!