Fall of Giants- Ken Follet- REVIEW

This was my second attempt at reading this book. After discovering and devouring his medieval books,(pillars of the earth and world without end), I wanted to get my hands on anything else he wrote so I tried his newest series. I first tried reading it back in 11 and after a short amount of time, gave up on it. It was all so war based and politically based and it quite honestly near enough bored me to tears.

I decided to give it another go but alas, although I got further this time (approximately 200 pages in), I gave up again, this time for good.

The author is a fantastic writer and I have no critisism in that respect. It was just the subject matter for me, so so boring.

I hear he has another medieval based book coming out this year and I will be eager to pick that one up but as far as this series is concerned, I’ve had enough.

1 star.