Currently reading 

Got 4 books on the go at the moment as I’m in a conflicted mood. 

Currently reading:

Started War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy (I LOVED Anna K and so I have exceptionally high hopes for this one once I’m done blundering my way through understanding who is who and the complex Russian names.

Finders Keepers- Stephen King. Quite unusually this series is more thriller than horror and I am enjoying this better than the first one but not as great as his horror stuff in my opinion but we will see.

Bazaar of Bad Dreams- Just finished reading the first story in this collection of short stories ‘Mile 81’ A promising start but I do prefer Kings novels ultimately.

The King Series-Tawdra Kandle. An urban fantasy series of sorts. My new favourite obsession / genre as you’ll have seen from a previous post. Is very good reading so far!

Lamb to the slaughter- Karen Ann Hopkins- Review

Well I really am on a roll as far as free kindle books are concerned. Third one in a row and it was also awesome! This books deserves four and a half stars.

So I love reading about anything Amish. I’ve read quite a bit of Christian fiction surrounding Amish families and I always really really like them. I find them and their way of life extremely unenviable but fascinating on the other hand.

So when I saw this, a crime book combined with an Amish theme I thought I have to pick this book up.

This surrounds a killing of an Amish girl and tells the story from her perspective, the sherrifs perspective and an ‘ex’ Amish persons perspective. I really liked the multiple pov s. It made the story flow really well and added a great deal of pace to the story.

The characters were well drawn out and I really liked Daniel, the ex Amish person. 

I felt the romance between him and the Sheriff was a little OTT and unrealistic but that was my only negative thought.

Loved this. And will read the rest in the series. 4 and a half stars