Bakes and Cheesecakes up to now!

So I started baking and making ‘no bake’ cheesecakes about a month ago. My sister has always been into it and I’ve been interested but worrying about where to start.I’m kinda creative but not the world’s most, so was wondering whether I would be able to do this. But thanks to Pinterest and Mary Berry, I have gained some faith I can!


I firstly made a simple cake, a Victoria Sponge, with the assistance of my fab Mommy in law (she’s amazing, she’s such a typical Mom!) and this is how it turned out! It was delicious. Moist and tender. I rather than have cream in it (I don’t like cream by itself, yuk lol) put Jam and a vanilla kinda frosting in it. This tasted delicious and was a big hit with family, who couldn’t quite believe I’d made it (charming huh! :P)


So with my first cake and with assistance out of the way. I decided it was time to go it alone.

I was overly ambitious with the next cake, I wanted to make something super special….Here it is!



It’s a blueberry and lemon cake, with nice creamy frosting on the top. I made this one with just a recipe and NO guidance, so I was super impressed when it came out as it did. Hope you guys like it!! (It tasted divine!)

Then I made my final one to date over the last weekend, a cappucino cake, the recipe is Mary Berry but I improvised and did a different frosting as I didn’t like the one in the book, it was just cream! I made a coffee frosting to compliment the cocoa powder in the cake. As follows. I know I need to work on my presentation a bit but that will all come in time I guess. This was my favourite cake to date, it tasted incredible.




On top of your standard baked cake, I started making cheesecakes, I absolutely ADORE a nice cheesecake and the more decadent the better.

Toblerone cheesecake

Cream Egg cheesecake



Then I went for something a bit more simple, less effort required, a Cream Egg Rocky Road (can you see theme here? I LOVE chocolate particularly Cream Eggs!)

Enter a caption

So that’s my baking and non baking escapades to date!

My step Mom is turning 40 on the 28th, so I plan on making her a three tier Strawberry cake, and making my Mom a Terry’s Chocolate Orange cheesecake for Mother’s day, pictures to come.






My name is Yas!

I’m a 29 year old lawyer from Staffordshire in the UK.

I’ve recently taken up a new hobby, baking and gotten more into my old hobby of reading and books now I’ve gone self employed and have more time on my hands so I thought why not set up a blog! I have every other form of social networking, I just need this! 😀

I’ll be reviewing books, posting pics of my latest bakes and food (I want to personally see how I develop as a cook/baker as I’m considering a career change) and have a general occasional post about life or so.

Hope you enjoy!