Currently reading 

Got 4 books on the go at the moment as I’m in a conflicted mood. 

Currently reading:

Started War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy (I LOVED Anna K and so I have exceptionally high hopes for this one once I’m done blundering my way through understanding who is who and the complex Russian names.

Finders Keepers- Stephen King. Quite unusually this series is more thriller than horror and I am enjoying this better than the first one but not as great as his horror stuff in my opinion but we will see.

Bazaar of Bad Dreams- Just finished reading the first story in this collection of short stories ‘Mile 81’ A promising start but I do prefer Kings novels ultimately.

The King Series-Tawdra Kandle. An urban fantasy series of sorts. My new favourite obsession / genre as you’ll have seen from a previous post. Is very good reading so far!

The Shadowland by Elizabeth Kostova- Review

I can’t find the words to describe how disappointed in this book I am so suffice to say, I am very, very disappointed.

Elizabeth Kostova is one of my favourite authors. Her book ‘The Historian’ is my ultimate and completely favourite book ever published and I also really really liked her follow up, ‘The Swan Thieves’

This book however, just does not compare to either of her previous works.

So the story tells of Alexandra who is in Bulgaria and comes across an Urn with a persons ashes in, it is her mission to get these back to the right people and so the story begins. It also shows flashbacks from her life which were interesting and then flashbacks to another persons life- Stoyan a violinist and not so interesting.

This book as the others are, is particularly well written, most of the characters are developed well enough but the pace was atrocious. I was last half way and virtually nothing has happened which surprised and disappointed me.

I picked it up to read tonight and I realised I wasn’t looking forward to it so I decided to DNF’d it.

Heartbroken. Totally heartbroken. This could have been an excellent book but just wasn’t.

1.5 stars.


So it’s been a while since I’ve posted about either of my favourite subjects, books or bakes!

There is a reason for this. I’ve started Slimming World so I’ve had to put the unhealthy cakes on hold for the time being, probably in fact until I reach my target weight unless it’s a slimming world casks. It’s working as I’ve lost nearly nine pounds in three weeks so I don’t want to jeapordise my weight loss. I’m sure I’ll find some syn free or low syn recipes though so I’m sure I’ll be back to it soon.

I’m also going through a reading slump. Nothing seems to be pulling me out of it. I’m trying a new book tonight; hopefully that will work if not I’ll have to just ride it out until the reading funk is over with

I’m trying to read this

Right, time to try and read! Night night peeps! 

Sharp Objects- Gillian Flynn

Soooooooo I really wanted to like this one. I really did especially since Stephen King seemed to rate it and he is of course my favourite author. To be totally honest though, I got to a 106 pages in and no, I didn’t like it.
My problem with it was it was so incredibly slow. Nothing really seemed to be happening and it was just boring and a real chore to pick up. I also didn’t particularly like the characters and the main character with her history, seriously, what a weirdo!
The writing was fine, no problem with that and it was fairly readable apart from the bore factor which I describe above.
Not for me I’m afraid. I need faster paced books. This just didn’t get me turning the pages at all and wasn’t fast paced enough for me.

1 star.

Initial thoughts

Currently waiting for a job to come in (I’m a self employed defence lawyer) so what better use of my time than to use the library and read some more. (I wanted to sit outside with the nice new furniture but a bit nippy!) with my lavender oil burning in my burner. Very chilled out!

Current thoughts on reads:

Sleepy Hollow- Rise Headless- Richard Gleaves

This is an independent/self published book I downloaded for free on my kindle. I’m having good luck with freebies on the kindle recently, the last one was a favourite of a year and this is incredibly good also. Really enjoying it. It’s creepy but good.

Sharp Objects- Gillian Flynn

This has a very disturbing subject matter at its heart but it is very readable, I like her writing very much.

Clockwork Prince- Cassandra Clare

I love this author. I loved her Mortal Instruments series but I can’t seem to find the same love for this series. I rated the first one 2 stars and although this is fairly readable, it’s just heading for 3 stars at the moment. I keep putting it down and reading the other two books as above instead. Hopefully I’ll start to like it more soon.

The Chemist-Stephenie Meyer- Review

So, I finally finished this tomb of a book. 

I was really looking forward to this when I heard it was coming out but it ended up just being a THREE star book for me.

This is totally different to Stephenie’s other books and she should be admired therefore for trying her hand at other genres. However I found it to be a rather average book. I liked it, I managed to finish it but it just wasn’t absolutely amazing as I expected initially it may be.

I won’t detail the plot in too much detail as I’m sure many people before me have, just sum up my thoughts. But it’s essentially a Bourne novel except the protagonist Alex is female.

The characterisation was well done, I liked Alex and Daniel, I thought they were great, I didn’t like Kevin though to be perfectly honest!

The plot moved enough to keep me reading but I wouldn’t say it was particularly fast paced and to the contrary, it really dragged in some places. I got a little bit bored towards the end and skim read a few of the pages, I think the problem with this book is it was too long and it just didn’t hold me interest the entire way through.

Good although average read. Nothing special.

Three stars 

A Hidden Fire-Elizabeth Hunter- Review


I used to be a bit of a book snob. The only thing I really liked to read was Stephen King. I would never have previously even dreamt of reading paranormal romancy type stuff. It just wouldn’t happen.

I don’t know how it happened but one day, I became less of a book snob and became far more open minded. Reading books like this one below, is now the result and I can’t believe it myself but have to admit, Paranormal stuff is fast becoming my favourite genre!

I picked this one up for free last year and forgot all about it until yesterday. I made a conscious rather OCD decision to actually READ all the books I have on my Kindle before buying anymore. This was right up the top, so I started it, not really expecting too mucg if I’m honest.

But, just one word. WOW.

This book was freakin’ awesome! The characterisation, the plot, the writing, everything was awesome. I loved it.

So the moral of the story I guess, is not to judge a book by its cover. I am staying open minded.



Fall of Giants- Ken Follet- REVIEW

This was my second attempt at reading this book. After discovering and devouring his medieval books,(pillars of the earth and world without end), I wanted to get my hands on anything else he wrote so I tried his newest series. I first tried reading it back in 11 and after a short amount of time, gave up on it. It was all so war based and politically based and it quite honestly near enough bored me to tears.

I decided to give it another go but alas, although I got further this time (approximately 200 pages in), I gave up again, this time for good.

The author is a fantastic writer and I have no critisism in that respect. It was just the subject matter for me, so so boring.

I hear he has another medieval based book coming out this year and I will be eager to pick that one up but as far as this series is concerned, I’ve had enough.

1 star.