Currently reading 

Got 4 books on the go at the moment as I’m in a conflicted mood. 

Currently reading:

Started War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy (I LOVED Anna K and so I have exceptionally high hopes for this one once I’m done blundering my way through understanding who is who and the complex Russian names.

Finders Keepers- Stephen King. Quite unusually this series is more thriller than horror and I am enjoying this better than the first one but not as great as his horror stuff in my opinion but we will see.

Bazaar of Bad Dreams- Just finished reading the first story in this collection of short stories ‘Mile 81’ A promising start but I do prefer Kings novels ultimately.

The King Series-Tawdra Kandle. An urban fantasy series of sorts. My new favourite obsession / genre as you’ll have seen from a previous post. Is very good reading so far!

The Shadowland by Elizabeth Kostova- Review

I can’t find the words to describe how disappointed in this book I am so suffice to say, I am very, very disappointed.

Elizabeth Kostova is one of my favourite authors. Her book ‘The Historian’ is my ultimate and completely favourite book ever published and I also really really liked her follow up, ‘The Swan Thieves’

This book however, just does not compare to either of her previous works.

So the story tells of Alexandra who is in Bulgaria and comes across an Urn with a persons ashes in, it is her mission to get these back to the right people and so the story begins. It also shows flashbacks from her life which were interesting and then flashbacks to another persons life- Stoyan a violinist and not so interesting.

This book as the others are, is particularly well written, most of the characters are developed well enough but the pace was atrocious. I was last half way and virtually nothing has happened which surprised and disappointed me.

I picked it up to read tonight and I realised I wasn’t looking forward to it so I decided to DNF’d it.

Heartbroken. Totally heartbroken. This could have been an excellent book but just wasn’t.

1.5 stars.

The Bone Season

This book didn’t seem to be my usual kinda book. It was a sci fi : kinda dystopian novel. Not my usual read at all but it sounded so interesting!!

I gave up on this as it unfortunately felt like too much hard work, it was so complex and complicated. Not beyond me to understand because if I invested more time in it, I’m sure I would but being in a reading slump kinda mood, I currently need something to grab my attention right away and this isn’t doing it for me.

Two stars. She gets an extra star for her imagination. 

The life I left behind

Going through a MAJOR reading slump at the moment but which isn’t helped by rubbish books.

This was one such book. Absolutely terrible attempt at a psychological thriller in the vein of Girl on the Train and everything else in that genre ever since.

So it’s a story with multiple povs. Great. I like that mechanism but when it includes the POV of a dead woman it requires you to suspend belief a bit. A bit too much but not too offputting as a whole.

The storyline seemed okay. Pretty atypical of a psychological thriller and nothing special but again, not too offputtinf.

My problem with this book was the way is written. It was just so wordy. Unnecessarily so. It just bored me in the end and I wasn’t making much progress so I gave up.

This author was just not for me.

1 star. 


So it’s been a while since I’ve posted about either of my favourite subjects, books or bakes!

There is a reason for this. I’ve started Slimming World so I’ve had to put the unhealthy cakes on hold for the time being, probably in fact until I reach my target weight unless it’s a slimming world casks. It’s working as I’ve lost nearly nine pounds in three weeks so I don’t want to jeapordise my weight loss. I’m sure I’ll find some syn free or low syn recipes though so I’m sure I’ll be back to it soon.

I’m also going through a reading slump. Nothing seems to be pulling me out of it. I’m trying a new book tonight; hopefully that will work if not I’ll have to just ride it out until the reading funk is over with

I’m trying to read this

Right, time to try and read! Night night peeps! 

Lie with me

So my replacement book turned out to be a good choice. I absolutely love this author’s writing style. It’s such a readable book and I’m really enjoying it, even the reading of the mundane simply because of how well written it is. Love it. Can’t see where it’s going at the moment, too early to tell but I’m excited about seeing where it goes.

Sharp Objects- Gillian Flynn

Soooooooo I really wanted to like this one. I really did especially since Stephen King seemed to rate it and he is of course my favourite author. To be totally honest though, I got to a 106 pages in and no, I didn’t like it.
My problem with it was it was so incredibly slow. Nothing really seemed to be happening and it was just boring and a real chore to pick up. I also didn’t particularly like the characters and the main character with her history, seriously, what a weirdo!
The writing was fine, no problem with that and it was fairly readable apart from the bore factor which I describe above.
Not for me I’m afraid. I need faster paced books. This just didn’t get me turning the pages at all and wasn’t fast paced enough for me.

1 star.

Currently reading and Initial thoughts

Kindle- The Exonerated Trilogy

This is good so far. It’s well written and the plot has my attention so far so so far, so good.

Sharp Objects

I’m not feeling this book. I don’t know why, I’m just not. I’m hoping I will feel something else as I continue reading but so far it’s not for me.

Clockwork Prince

Still not getting on with this one either. It’s well written but I don’t know whether it’s cos I don’t like the characters or what but I just find I’m not picking this book up.

The Shadow Land

Excited for this one. Hopefully it will be good!

Rise Headless and Ride- Richard Gleaves-Review


Horror is my favourite genre of all (and Stephen King my favourite author)but I’ve not read too much of it recently. I’ve been sidetracked with quite a lot of paranormal romance fiction so when I picked this book up, it felt good to be back reading what I love most.

This book was a solid 4.5 stars. It was absolutely fantastic and another great example of self published work. I’m starting to love self published authors more and more each day!

The book has its roots in the lore of Sleepy Hollow, which I’m sure most horror fans are well aware of but then introduces an entirely new story and adds it to the mix. The story surrounds Jason Crane, a descendant of Ichabod Crane and follows him and his new life in Sleepy Hollow. I won’t describe any more of the plot as I’m sure it can be found in numerous places but I will say, the plot/ the place / the characters are 100% creepy.

I felt this was a page turner literally as I couldn’t put it down and finished it in two solid days. It was my book of choice of three I have on the go and it just got better and better.

I will definitely be continuing with this series and I’m sure it won’t disappoint!

4.5 Stars!